All trips include hotel pick up, transport in an open-air vehicle, entrance fees, picnic lunch, guiding, water and snacks. Please enquire for large group discounts.

Celebrities of Bohol
This trip takes in the famous attractions of Bohol but also goes along back roads and alternate sites.

PRICE: Php1,800/person* (minimum 4 people)

First stop is the Tarsier Sanctuary where the world’s smallest primate can be seen in its forest habitat (we always take people to this place rather than seeing the tarsiers in the zoo-like conditions of the Loboc cages…). Passing along a scenic back road our next stop is the Butterfly Sanctuary where you get an insight into the surprisingly interesting life of butterflies (more trivia to impress people at parties!). We then head up the highway to the world famous Chocolate Hills. After dropping by a local market to pick up some food, we visit a pretty water fall where you can swim and picnic. From here we stop by the hanging bridge. Here you can pick up some local souvenirs and you might get the once in a lifetime opportunity of witnessing a guy opening a coconut with his teeth! On our way home we can drop into the historic Baclayon Church, said to be one of the oldest in the Philippines.

Level of Activity for this tour: Coach potato
To add a bit of adventure to this tour, ask about the hiking trail behind the viewpoint behind Tarsier Sanctuary.

West Coast Chillin’
For those that have already seen the famous sites of Bohol and want to see what else it has to offer.

PRICE: Php1,800/person* (minimum 4 people)
The west coast is an area that few tourists every see, but we will show you some spots that make it just as good as anywhere in Bohol. On this trip we take you on the rarely-traveled back roads beyond the lively market town of Antequera. Every Sunday there is a great handicraft market in Antiquera where all the villagers come to sell their beautiful woven products (baskets, pots, mats, lampshades, boxes, hats, etc) to wholesalers. In the mountains we stop off for a swim at a beautiful set of cascading waterfalls that no-one but the local kids visit, taking as long as you want to bath in the green, fast-flowing water. From there we head back down out of the hills on a scenic meandering drive punctuated by viewpoints of the west coast. After picking up some supplies, we will take you to a chilled out spot where a long bamboo walkway reaches out over the water so you can have a lazy lunch interrupted only by swims in the ocean below.  There's also a Karaoke machine at the sari-sari store, it is the favoured pastime of Filipinos- you may sing your heart out with the locals.When you’re ready, we stop off in the town of Loon to visit Bohol’s largest church and historic coral stone steps. Time permitting, we can take a quiet drink over the serene Maribojoc bay for a perfect finish to the day.

Level of Activity for this tour: Easy does it - Adventure

*prices are subject to change without prior notice